Recovered £26k
At ITV we have developed our own duplicate invoice monitoring controls within our shared services centre. We used Moneyback to provide assurance that our new monitoring controls were operating in line with expectations and identifying our recovery opportunities effectively. We were delighted than Moneyback could provide this assurance so quickly and efficiently and also help us identify some valuable potential recovery opportunities on our historic data. We took a great deal of comfort from this. The outputs were intuitive and straightforward to use and we would definitely recommend using Moneyback to others.  
Head of Purchase to PayITV
Recovered £268k
Moneyback found a significant number of recovery opportunities for us, so much so that we asked Deloitte for further support in both the analysing of root causes of errors and to support our recovery activities.Enhancement of our processes and controls in our new finance system are now high on our agenda and will attract the ongoing attention of our Audit Committee. Deloitte’s Moneyback service will play a key part in monitoring these improvements and we see it evolving into an annual service, giving us a robust safety net in the future. 
AP TeamFTSE real estate business
Recovered £
Moneyback has provided some valuable insights into our data. It has identified errors we were not aware of, and confirmed others we already knew about. We will use Moneyback annually. 
AP TeamPost Office
Recovered £15k
Moneyback has identified errors not detected in our normal course of business. The analysis of error types will enable us to further enhance our processes and controls. We will use Moneyback again! 
AP TeamO'Brien Group
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