When do I pay?
You only pay for your results once you've had a chance to review a summary of your spend recovery opportunities and a sample of actual results.
Data upload
Data analysis
Summary results
Payment request
Gather your AP data and upload it using the Moneyback Excel template. We recommend testing  4 years of data for your first Moneyback project 
Moneyback intelligently analyses your data to identify spend recovery opportunities relating to posting errors, under recovered VAT and missed credits   
Moneyback provides a summary of your recovery opportunities and a sample of actual results for you to review, free of charge
If you like what you see, you can pay to progress to reviewing all your recovery opportunties and managing the recovery process online 
What do I pay?
We want you to join our growing network of happy clients, who find Moneyback great value for money and become annual users of the service.

We have thus developed a pricing policy that is based on the value of the transactions you test, where you have a good chance of finding value for your organisation.

What this means in reality is that:
  1. We do not charge you for testing "big transactions" (those valued individually at over £250k) - because, in our experience, organisations very rarely make mistakes with such material amounts. We test these for you, for free.
  2. We only charge you for those transactions you want to test NOT the value of the all the transactions you upload. As per our best practice advice, we recommend you upload at least 1 years worth of transactions beyond the period of transactions that you want to test (so that Moneyback has a good basis for comparison and searching for errors). We don't charge you for these additional, non-tested items.
Standard pricing 
Moneyback is priced at £250 per £25m gross of relevant invoices* tested unless your project is huge.
Huge projects
A project with relevant tested invoices over £1 billion is offered at a discount and priced in tiers:
£1 billion - £2 billion £10,000  
£2 billion - £5 billion £20,000
£5 billion - £10 billion £30,000 
Over £10 billion Contact us
*Relevant invoices are those that you specify should be tested (date range) and that have a gross value less than £250k. In our experience, few organisations make errors of this size - so if we find anything, we give it to you for free.

All prices are exclusive of any relevant applicable sales taxes, e.g. UK VAT.
How do I pay?
Orders £1,000 or less (incl. VAT)
By credit card online 
Orders over £1,000
By bank transfer
on receipt of invoice
Invoice terms 30 days
By credit card online 
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